Your True Identity

Many times we come across someone who, in our eyes seems to be on the wrong path and doing seemingly bad things. We usually begin to speculate and judge the given situation, and in a matter of seconds we have our conclusion and determine our fellow Jew’s identity based on our eying judgment.

Our holy books and especially Rebbe Nachman of Breslev focused on this concept;

your reality does not determine who you are



our actions do not determine who we really are but rather it’s our true will and desire in our hearts.

Every day G-d asks us from the heavens; what do you want? What is your true desire?

How do we reveal that true inner desire?

The advice: Uncover you true will to Hashem

Run down to the forest or field, to the nearest private place, and reveal you’re true identity to your creator.

Hashem! You and only You know what I really want! I want You! Nothing else! I don’t want to sin or to blemish my soul. I want to come closer to you, always.

What am I to do that I am in a dark place. A place, where to guard my eyes, seems virtually impossible. Or to keep my self from falling at any given moment. Please Hashem, find the good in me and judge me according to my good will.

I am in your hands, Please guide me awaken the good inside of me

When we merit to reveal our true will and desire to our creator, our father in the heavens, we nullify any judgment from above and bring tranquility to our life, and the light of our soul begins to shine in our hearts.

Talk to Hashem, Change your life!

May we Merit.


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