Rav Ofer’s Word to the Wise – Month of Nisan 5778

The holy books tell us that when a person actually merits to connect to his ‘inner light’, the light of his neshama (Divine soul), that at that point he receives the gift of happiness, and starts to feel content and relaxed.

A person then sees how all these new inner worlds start to open up for him, and he really starts to get to know himself and obtain true happiness.

But, when a person connects more and more to his animal soul, and all the negative character trait and lusts that go along with that. He destroys his life with his own hands.

Even if we can’t intellectually understand why this happens. This is a law that was enshrined in the creation of the world, that connecting to the animal soul always prevents a person from feeling inner peace and calm.

Even if this person has a home that’s worth millions, he still doesn’t really have a ‘home’, because a person only truly feels ‘at home’ when he has peace of mind, yishuv hadaat (a settled mind / spiritual understanding) and feels calm.

Translated from the Ka’ayal Ta’arog Newsletter, Nisan 5778


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