Day #32

Why is it So Hard to Say Thank You?

If we pay attention, many times when we try to come up with ideas and reasons to thank G-d, we get stuck. We freeze up and swallow our tongue as if there is nothing to be grateful for.

Gratitude takes on the sense of a big black blur.

The first thing we need to know is that this is normal. It’s not a deficiency or a blemish.

These moments are given to us for us to learn that the biggest gift in our lives is being able to say thank you. It is proof that your growth is in progressing and advancing. Proof that you are on the correct path and doing exactly what G-d wants from you.

When we say thank you, we open up our soul to receive abundance and mercy from above. Not only that, but a completely different level of a relationship begins to form with G-d.

This is especially so when we do hitbodedut and speak to G-d.

Once we become aware of this knowledge, the evil inclination will put all his efforts into preventing it. Now is when the real battle against the evil inclination actually begins.

Up till now, he had us on autopilot and not connecting at the highest levels, so the evil inclination didn’t care to bother us as much. But, once we have taken the path of gratitude and personal prayer, he knows he needs to fight or else he will lose another customer.

When we come to this point, the advice comes back as always. The advice that rises above all – Hitbodedut – Personal prayer.

Once we get stuck we can turn to G-d and ask Him to give us the ability to say thank you.

“Hashem, I have lost sight of the good in my life. I am asking You to please bestow your mercy upon me and gift me with the power to say thank you. Please give me the ability to see that there is good in my life and the feeling of closeness in my heart”.

When we give over the reigns to our creator and humble ourselves, we get a magnificent gift in return.

That gift is the ability to see good in our lives and say thank you once again!

May we merit to always see the good and feel G-d’s closeness.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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