Day #14

Who Am I Thanking?

As the 40-day gratitude challenge advances, we need to take a moment and ask ourselves. Do we have a relationship with the one we are thanking? Do we feel any connection to G-d when we thank him?

We want the challenge to ultimately bring us to the purpose of all creation, which is our connection and relationship with G-d.

We will begin to learn how to incorporate what we have learned thus far and make it a way of life. Not just an inspirational message we read. We are here to learn to live what we learned. To carry over from our brain and wisdom and cause it to illuminate this information in our hearts.

A person can learn many things in Torah, and Judaism in general, but when it comes time to live it – he may fail to do so and may not even be aware of it at all

For instance, we can learn that anger is a bad trait and all of the negative aspects of it. We can even give a class about anger to 500 people. But as soon as someone cut us off on the road or disrespected us, we hold anger and hatred towards them in our hearts. This scenario can apply to every trait we try to fix.

To learn something is simple, to implement it until it is illuminated in our hearts is a lifetime of work. This is our job that is to be worked on throughout our lives in this world. It is also extremely important to stress that no matter how much we fail along the way, as long as we started our effort and we are on the path, then, G-d does not blame us for falling. He knows we are working and are always fighting.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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