When You Cant, He Can

There are times in our life, more often than not, where we find ourselves in an extremely difficult reality where we feel like everything around us is in ruins. It feels like the destruction of the temple, the destruction of our home. Maybe, it’s a serious family issue or difficulties in parnassah (sustenance).

It feels like the complete annihilation of our soul. We suddenly get to a point that we feel complete darkness!

We ask ourselves, what is going on here? Did the plague of darkness from Egypt come down to the world? Even as we try to figure out how to get out of the darkness, we start to feel the darkness surrounding us from all sides. It is literally tangible, heavy and clouding our thoughts.

Now we have reached a place where we’ve lost all advice and we know we can’t do a thing about it.

Internal Darkness is Too Heavy

In Egypt, they weren’t able to see anything for the first three days during the plague of darkness, but they were still able to get up and move around. In the last three days, there was such heavy darkness that each person got stuck in the position that they were in. They could feel the darkness so much, they could breathe it in. They couldn’t do a thing.

The darkness we feel now is internal. It takes over our mental strategies and spiritually controls our minds. We can find ourselves in such darkness that we can’t move or think. Like we are chained down to the ground.

Our mind feels helpless and begins to enter a state of knowing that we can’t do a thing about it…   There seems to be no advice… We’re in such a bad place… we’re stuck!

Only one thing left to do

Rise up to a place of Emunah which has no logic or understanding. It’s the spiritual level called keter Ha-elyon (upper crown)[1]  and in this place of keter the only thing left to do is – nothing. Here we reveal that we are unable to do anything if not for Hashem sending salvation. In the keter all that’s left to do is to tell Hashem in simple words:

“I am unable to do anything, I am strapped down with metal chains, I can’t move an arm or a leg. But, I believe with all my heart with complete (emunah) faith that Hashem will never abandon me because Hashem never abandons any Jew, and the salvation is in Hashem’s hands

As soon as you manage to say these words, your salvation has already begun! Everything will turn around for the best! You will feel a surge of strength and you’ll be able to start climbing the inner ladder of Emunah inside your heart, that will break through the darkness.

A test of Emunah at time of katnut” – constriction

The deeper we fall into katnut – the limitation or constriction of the mind, the harder it becomes for us to perform an action and actually do something. The katnut is a kind of darkness which prevents us from getting up and doing anything.  So, when you can’t do anything, rise up to the place of Emunah where the only thing left is to do nothing.

Before Hashem created the world, He created a rule: “I will never abandon any Jew”

Sometimes, we feel that Hashem has forsaken us. But we need to know that this is the words of the yetzer hara, he whispers to us: ‘Hashem has left you’!  You are not worthy of Hashem’s help!

And as soon as we feel that we are starting to believe the yetzer hara, we must rise up to the upper higher crown – keter and know that Hashem doesn’t just help you if you’re worthy! Hashem brings salvation and saves us even if we are seemingly not worthy.

The Torah tells us in the verse – “I love you more than all other nations”. And in the verse “You shall know in your heart, that just as a man chastises his son, so does Hashem, your G-d, chastise you”

Hashem’s love is called “unconditional love”.

If Hashem would love only the tzaddikim then it would be conditional love.

and we know Hashem loves us unconditionally, no matter how unworthy we are or what we have done.

Believe in Hashem’s “unconditional love” for you

So, when the yetzer hara comes and tells you that you are not worthy, you can tell him ok. No problem, yeah you are right, I may not be worthy. But Hashem loves me so much that he will send me salvation even if I am not worthy at all!

May we merit to believe!

[1]  One of the Divine attributes or emanations which are manifested in each of the Four Worlds, and are the source of the corresponding ten strengths of the soul



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