Walking with Gratitude

Day #6

In our previous post, we discussed humility and the importance of thanking G-d for everything to help us recognize and appreciate all that we do have. We will now continue to build on the point with the main advice of always walking with gratitude.

When we walk in the path of gratefulness all day long and especially being grateful for the small things in life, we reveal G-d’s divine supervision in every place. Since we found appreciation in every place throughout our day, we are then blessed with G-d’s light. This light is the light that shows us that G-d gives us abundance for free! All the time!

The ability to feel G-d is constantly giving us brings us to recognize His awesome greatness and feel our relative smallness. We are then able to experience the pleasantness and the goodness of Hashem.

All this slowly heals our hearts from the feelings of lack and fear and fills us with true happiness.

G-d is taking care of us. G-d is providing for us. G-d is always giving to us. G-d cares about us.

40 days. 100 thank you’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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