Taking A Walk With G-d

Tranquility and calmness. Walking with G-d in the forest, looking up at the sky and expressing ourselves to our creator. Filling our heart and mind with peace and relaxation. Walk with G-d

“I came to be with you. Reveal to me that everything that I am going through is from you and for my ultimate good.”

When we merit and take that walking with G-d down a path in the forest, between the trees humming to the sounds of creation. We begin to feel G-d’s soothing words in our minds.

G-d’s Answer is a Poem

”i see and I know everything that you are going through. I am always with you, by your side through all your trials and tribulations”

“And if you come and tell me about your troubles and share the sorrows of your heart then, you will feel that you are not in the hands of creation but rather in the hands of your creator”

”You beauty will soon be revealed and your light will fill all of the worlds”

”You are so dear to me, you’re a son of the king an infinite soul with a pure heart. Withing you lies a great light waiting to be revealed”

When we walk down the path of the heart and open up to our creator, we are able to bestow true remedies to our mind and soul.

May We Merit!


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