Uprooting our Pride

Day #3

Humility is the root of all the rectification in this world. Which means nullifying ourselves to G-d. This is the knowledge that nothing is from me and everything is a gift from G-d.

The more a person merits humility, the more the light of G-d will shine upon him.

Nowadays we are constantly surrounded by the struggle of the “I.” This manifest itself in many different guises, such as “I did it,” or “I need to have it,” to name a very slight few. No matter the guise, the struggle of the “I” all have in common that they are all part of the evil inclination for gaining pride and boosting our ego in this world.

We find this in the story of Purim. The wicked Haman had it all, literally the entire world at his feet. Yet one holy Mordechai’s denial to bow left Haman feeling as if he had nothing. It was all worthless. This desire for wanting more and more in this world is this exact evil inclination we are discussing.

When there is a lack of G-d’s light, the source behind it is pride. G-d’s light cannot coexist where pride is found. Clearly, Haman was lacking in this area, but we too find ourselves treading in these dangerous waters.

How do we rectify this feeling of pride and shower down the heavenly light of G-d?

Through filling our day with gratitude.

When we thank G-d for everything, down to the smallest, seemingly insignificant detail, we are filling ourselves with G-d’s goodness. We are recognizing that G-d does so much good and gives us everything, thereby humbling ourselves.

Saying thank you to G-d shows us that we really do have so much in this world. Versus the evil inclination, as Haman had, that tells us that we have nothing.

May we merit to always have G-d’s light shine on us.

40 days. 100 thank you’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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