Day #35

Turning a Challenge from Anxiety into Gratitude

Whenever we are faced with a challenge, the natural reaction we have is to become too anxious and worried. We go through so much throughout our days that this reaction is our brains’ autopilot. It is our brains’ seemingly easier way to deal with things at first.

But, with time, we find that reacting to our challenges in this way brings us to a harder place to live in.

Many of our hardships and challenges happen to us due to a lack of gratitude. This can apply to many different things that if we would have been thankful for, they would not be as hard as they are for us.

We are on the path to finding true gratitude and fixing our mindset to a healthier and more thankful one.

If we thank G-d, then He gives more reasons to thank. When we complain, we receive more to complain about.

That is why being thankful is always the answer. It is a win-win for every situation.

When we are faced with a challenge we have two ways to go through it. The first is the automatic reaction of anxiety, stress, worry, and complaint. But the second, which is harder at first, is to thank G-d through the challenges.

Gratitude becomes our fuel and livelihood. It becomes our source of strength that is there whenever we need.

The challenge is there to bring us out of a state of complaining and into a state of gratitude.

“Dear G-d:
I know that right now this is very hard on me. It is hard for me to thank You and see any good in my situation. But, I want to rise above my own logic and understanding. I want to thank You for everything that you give me and that You only do the best for me. You are just in your ways! Please help me thank You and never complain because everything I have is a gift given for my eternal good.”

it’s important to clarify that this is a lifelong work. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to thank G-d because we are overcome with emotions and doubt. But with time and G-d’s help, we will reach that place of peace and faith in our creator.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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