Day #1

Transforming gratitude into a relationship

In this round with Gd’s help, we hope to make a step forward in transforming gratitude into a stronger relationship with our Creator.

It’s interesting how the entire world in recent times has become obsessed with gratitude. Even in the non-Jewish world, they have gratitude journals and are all about being grateful and the benefits of it.

In this round of 40 days, we will learn how gratitude is the foundation of Judaism and is the source for all of our remedies.

In these troubling times, when we are experiencing many different difficulties and adversities, we sometimes lose sight of what can actually help our minds and bring salvation to our troubles.

Through thanking Gd, and building the tree of gratitude within, we will be able to defeat all of the different issues we are faced with. Be it anxiety, depression, or anger and fear. The path of gratitude can fix and transform our minds like nothing else can.

Today we will begin by thanking Gd for 100 simple things in our life every day. Let’s try to write down as many good things as we can that we find in our everyday life.

May it be Gd’s will that in this round of 40 days we will transform anxiety into joy, fear into strength, and every problem into a growth-oriented challenge.

With gratitude, we can and we will grow stronger and get closer.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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