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Rabbi Yehuda Petayah zt”l’s Tikkun Niftarim

The Tikkun Niftarim is a holy ceremony instituted by the great kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Petayah zt”l to elevate the soul of the deceased.

Here are the things you need to know about the Tikkun Niftarim and what to do next.

What is the Tikkun Niftarim?

Tikkun Niftarim is performed a few times a year. Preferably on a day that a great tzaddik had passed on as it makes that day more powerful in its spiritual effect.

On this day, different rabbis and Torah scholars that are G-d fearing people gather together and dedicate Torah study, different prayers reading Tehillim (Psalms), sounding the Shofar and taking out the holy Torah scrolls. Followed by a meal of Mitzvah with all of its blessings, all in the memory of the deceased, in blessed memory.

The great Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Petayah writes in his holy book ‘minchat Yehuda;

 ‘’If the families of want to give nachat ruach the deceased loved ones, to save them from harsh judgments and to elevate their soul to the heavens, they must pour out their hearts to the king of all kings – the creator of the world. They shall gather a minyan – ten righteous men, Torah scholars and G-d fearing men to fulfill the Tikkun Niftarim

It is important to know that:

  • It does not matter what age the deceased passed away or when it occurred.
  • The Tikkun Uplifts the soul and gives the soul a great benefit in the world to come
  • In the merit of the Tikkun Niftarim, the soul of a person elevates in the next world.
In essence, The Tikkun gives the soul above tremendous strength and sustenance that so need to elevate. It is a G-d given gift given like no other!

What is the benefit of this Tikkun to the soul of the deceased?

There countless instances where the deceased came to a family member requesting from them to do this Tikkun. And Afterward, they would come to thank them for performing the Tikkun.

  • This is especially good for those who passed away before having the chance to complete Teshuva or passes away in an unusual way.
  • The Tikkun and actions we take here in this world affect the upper spiritual world. 

Does the Tikkun require a payment? And if yes, why?

  • The payment given for the Tikkun goes to those Rabbis and Torah scholars that will be performing the Tikkun for many hours on that specific day.
  • Some of the funds will be used for the seudat mitzvah (meal with the blessings in their merit) following the Tikkun.
  • In the event that there are extra funds that are left, they will be used for distribution of Torah lessons, printing of books and other acts of charity to those in need.

This Tikkun will be led by Rabbi Ofer Erez Shlit”a, along with other esteemed Rabbis and Torah scholars. 

It will take place on July 17th the 5th of the month of Av

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