The Twin Goats

Day #8

There are many times in life that we are faced with a decision and have to choose a path to take. Each road leading us on a completely different path. We can list the pros and cons of each path and yet, still be unable to properly decide which is the correct path to take.

Rabbi Ofer Erez gives us the best advice to guide us through these times. He tells us to simply ask G-d to guide us in His path. Once we turn to G-d and ask for His assistance, we are guaranteed to choose the most perfect path for us.

G-d is the One who created the world, runs the world, and sustains the world. It is He who knows exactly what is best for each and every one of His creations. When we utilize this advice, to ask for G-d to guide us, we are ensuring the most perfect outcome that otherwise we may have had doubts or concerns about. This way we can be certain that G-d only does what is best and therefore whatever we ‘happen’ to choose is, in fact, the correct choice.

We find this idea in the holy Torah when it discusses bringing korbanot – offerings. The Kohen Gadol is told to take two identical goats. One is to be thrown from a cliff and the other is to be burnt and offered up to G-d. The question becomes which goat is to be for which option?

Here is where we find that the Kohen Gadol will write down both choices and a lot will be drawn to specify which goat is to be burnt up and which is to be thrown off the cliff.

The purpose here is to teach us that we can have to exact same options in front of us and not know which is the correct one. But G-d knows. When we turn to Him and leave it up to Him to decide, we will always come out with the most perfect choice.

To our human eye, we cannot see the difference between the two goats. But to G-d the answer is clear. He knows exactly what is necessary and its ultimate purpose, therefore G-d is the only One that can decide.

We can apply this in our daily lives and to the most mundane choices. It is the most satisfying to know that once we have reached out to G-d to guide us, the answer will be the best one possible. Enabling us once again to be able to thank G-d for even more!

40 days. 100 thank yous a day. Change your life. See miracles.



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