The Secret of Destiny

It is written in our holy books that the secret of destiny or fate is a very deep and hidden concept. There are times in our life and sometimes in our everyday challenges where we have to choose between two paths and we can’t figure which is the correct one to choose.

We may even seek advice from tzaddikim, friends or family but no matter what we try, still we cannot satisfy our mind and clarify what the truth is.

If in the heavens it was decreed that the truth will be hidden from a person, we can try many things and brainstorm with ideas, ask everyone in the world what the right decision to make is and in the end, nothing helped. We are left with a blank space and a big question mark.

There are things that are so concealed from us and are beyond the reach of our mind. We cannot understand what the reasoning or logic is behind those things.

When we find ourselves in this very situation, the only way to get our answer is by tapping into the secret of destiny.

Destiny is a very high spiritual place. In essence, it is arousal of true knowledge which is given to us from a much higher place than our mind can comprehend and figure out on its own. It is when we alone cannot grasp certain situations in our mind and have to tap into a higher spiritual place called the “goral” – fate.

What do we do? How do we continue? Which way do we go?

SIMPLICITY! The path of the “tam”

In Likutei Halachot, Rebbe Natan teaches us about the path of the “chacham” (the smart one) and the path of the “tam” (the simple one). The path of the chacham is when we have the capability to understand, the clarity to know what our task is and what we need to do in order to achieve our goal in a particular situation.

But there are times where our ability to figure it all out has been taken away from us and that is when we must use the path of the “tam”

Rebbe Natan is telling us that in these situations, the way we can derive and bring down our advice is by tapping into the secret of destiny by doing the work of the “tam”, which occurs at a higher level than that of the chacham.

How do you follow the path of the tam?  Says Rebbe Natan, we need to go and speak to Hashem our Creator! The way of the tam is the simplicity of prayer.

Simply, go to the forest or some other private place, speak to Hashem and say:
“I want the truth! But I don’t know what it is…. Show me the path of truth, YOUR TRUTH and I will walk in it.

The Secret of Destiny

If I would know the true path, I would choose it without any issue at all. My problem is that I don’t know what to do… I could go this way or that way, but no one else can show me what it is.

And then, by praying this way and talking to Hashem, especially in Hitbodedut – personal prayer. You begin to shine and reveal the awesome light of the goral – destiny. Now from shamayim (the heavens), you will begin to be guided in the right direction.

After you pray about something, you can be certain that whatever happens next is exactly the direction you needed to go in, and what Hashem wanted to happen!

The moment you said the words “Hashem, show me your ways and I will walk in them–  even if it looks to you that you failed and it was a mistake, know that it’s already not in your hands. Don’t be bothered by it! You gave it over to Hashem via your prayer and this is what Hashem wanted…

Since the secret destiny is such a high and amazing level, sometimes we rise and sometimes we fall at the hands of destiny, and we cannot understand why. And this is the most concealed way of Hashem.

Why Do We Have to Fall?

In the book Pri Haaretz, Reb Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk asks; what is the reason that sometimes we fall in destiny and sometimes we rise?

Why does Hashem raise some of us up, while others are brought down?

He says that sometimes, Hashem wants us to reveal His kingdom through spiritual ascent and at other times by spiritual descent, in order to fulfill the verse, “And His kingdom rules over all.”

If every Jew would always be spiritually ascending and would never fall, then who would scream to Hashem “you are the King” also in the dark places?

When we fall into those dark places and turn to Hashem our creator for His divine salvation then, we shine Hashem’s light and reveal His kingdom into the darkest places of the worlds.

May We Merit!


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