Day #16

The Rescue Boat of King David

King David wrote the Sefer Tehillim (Book of Psalms). The book is composed of his constant conversations and outpouring to G-d. If we take a deeper look into his words we find that King David speaks with G-d of all his struggles and difficulties.

Pouring his heart out to the One and Only Master of the World. And yet at the same time, we see he is always thanking G-d and praising him, even during those most difficult times!

David faced extreme difficulties during his lifetime and yet he was always able to thank G-d. He knew G-d only does good and has a perfect plan, even if that meant that he was literally hunted down and running for his life. He understood that his own son was trying to kill him must have goodness found inside!

He was certain everything was good for him, certain there would be only good to come from it all

There is a passage found in the Sefer Tehillim where we find that King David states a very powerful line. He expresses a statement that is so full of depth and reaches to so many levels, that each one can find a place to connect to it. He states;

“As for me, closeness to G-d is my good” (Psalms, 73:28)

What does he mean by this? After all his terrible suffering, how can he view it good to be close to G-d? if anything he should have felt G-d was cruel to him. Putting him through so much without letting up. Choking him and suffocating him with trials and tribulations. Where is the good?

What we learn here, from the holy King David, is that by clinging to G-d constantly, he is then able to be certain that everything is good for him. By believing in G-d and trusting Him – we can then be sure that all G-d does, whether reward or rebuke, is good for us.

The reverse is also true

With this knowledge that David had, G-d only does good and only does what is good for him, he was able to cling to G-d even more. Not only cling and stay close but to thank G-d for all He has done for him.

With this understanding, he was able to fully accept G-d’s will as his and come to praise G-d for all he has done.

This is not to say King David didn’t feel pain. He did and we know it from his expressions throughout the book. But he used those feelings to grow closer. He used them to form conversations with G-d and constantly be in prayer.

Trials and tribulations are to bring us closer. Talking to G-d about our struggles rather than complaining about them to others is part of its purpose. When we channel our pain towards G-d, turning to Him to help us through and help us out, we are sure to get an answer. We just don’t always notice the answer He is sending.

There is a well-known parable of a man on a boat that is sinking. He screams out to G-d to please help him, to please save him! All of a sudden, a rescue boat comes and calls to the man to jump on they will take him back to shore… but the man yells back, “no thank you, G-d will save me!”

Then, a helicopter appears and drops down a ladder to the man and yells to grab on and climb up… but again, the man yells back that G-d will save him, he just has to wait…

The man was a fool. G-d sent him rescuers. G-d heard his prayers and sent him a salvation. Not once, but twice! But the man only looked to see if G-d’s hand would come down from the clouds.

G-d answers us in many different ways. Our prayers never go unheard and although the answer may appear in a different form than we expected, we can’t be a fool and turn it away!

When we thank G-d through our struggles, His messengers begin to appear more obvious to us. Our foolishness begins to subside, and we can finally allow our ourselves to be rescued.

By thanking G-d, our stubbornness starts to recede and we can appreciate the good that comes our way. Even if we still find ourselves in our difficulties, we can see G-d’s sending messengers to assist and relieve some of our discomforts.

Everyone could use a little relief.

*40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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