The ‘Pesach Approach’ to serving Hashem

The reality today is that we find ourselves in a very lowly place of difficulties and challenges.

But all the spiritual work we continue to do in the midst of this darkness tears apart all the screens between us and Hashem, and helps us to connect to God.

The dark side is going all out to stop us coming closer to God

The sitra achra’s (dark side’s) whole purpose is to try to prevent this from happening. This is the whole war that’s going on. Whenever the dark side sees a Jew who wants to come closer to Hashem, it pulls out a whole bunch of knives and swords and starts to fight against him with all its might.

Left to themselves, a person doesn’t have the first idea how to come closer to God, and has no idea how to proceed. But the Torah and the Tzaddikim have revealed the advice and the paths we need to travel down in order to draw nearer to Hashem. There’s a very big rule that applies here:

By themselves, a person cannot truly know how to come closer to God. If someone really wants to do this, they have to turn to the Torah and to the Tzaddikim, who will give them the correct advice, because we simply can’t know how to do this by ourselves.

The ‘Pesach Approach’

There are a number of different ways we can return to God, but we’re going to focus on just two of the main ones here, which are called the approach of ‘Pesach’ and the approach of ‘Purim’.

As Rabbenu told us in Lesson 2:74 of Likutey Moharan, initially Hashem gave us the approach of Pesach, but after the destruction of the first temple when He saw that we couldn’t continue to serve Him in that ‘direct’ way, then He also gave us the approach of Purim, as well.

This is what it means that ‘once all the beginnings were from Pesach, but now they stem from Purim.’ (Likutey Moharan 2:74)

God talks to us via our thoughts and feelings

The Pesach approach is when a person learns to pay attention to himself, and the feelings that he has in his heart. We should know that whatever we think and whatever we feel, it’s not random or by chance. Before we get to the path of Torah, emuna, and following the directives of the Tzaddikim, people simply don’t pay attention to where their thoughts and feelings are coming from.

It’s only the Torah that reveals to us that the thoughts that we think and the emotions that we feel in our heart, all these things are the ‘language’ that Hashem is using to speak to us.

God talks to us by way of our internal world.

And when we pay attention to it, this is called serving Hashem via the approach of Pesach.

Translated and adapted from Rav Ofer Erez’s writings in the Ohr HaDaat Newsletter, #121


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