Day #18

The Next Level in our Relationship

How do we make gratitude a part of our lives? How do we form an everlasting relationship with Gd from it? And how do we take the wisdom of gratitude and bring it down from just knowing it in our brain to shining in our hearts?

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches us that the way to transform knowledge into a way of living is through the advice of Hitbodedut, personal prayer and speaking with G-d. He explains that the advice of Hitbodedut is above all the advice we can ever receive.

Today we will begin to learn, in simplicity, what it is that makes Hitbodedut so vital and a must to actually live what we know in our minds.

The root word of Hitbodedut is l’hitboded, meaning, to be alone.

To be alone means, now we have the opportunity to get to know ourselves a little better then we thought we knew. It’s a time that one can look at himself in a mirror and introspect. It’s a time to be alone with one’s self, one’s thoughts and feelings, and alone with one’s creator and ultimate sustainer.

The first step in doing personal prayer, hitbodedut, is simple mindfulness. Bringing our thoughts down and settling our minds from the rollercoaster of the day.

We have 24 hours to go crazy, but along comes Rebbe Nachman and gives us an hour vacation.

The first step of hitbodedut is to literally do nothing. Breathing, relaxing and calming our distorted thoughts and feelings a bit.

The only way to achieve personal prayer and gratitude is by taking the first step of relaxing the mind and breathing out our tension and anxiety, as much as we can. This is a difficult task because the evil inclination within us knows that once we have some silence of the mind, then we can start getting closer to G-d. Enabling us to have a mind full of gratitude and prayer.

We will focus on this first step for a bit as it is the most crucial one in achieving our goal. We don’t want to jump straight into trying to pray or speak our minds with Gd. That can quickly lead us to anxiety and a feeling that we are not able to speak correctly.

With G-d’s help, we will build on this and learn what it means to speak in our own simple words to G-d. To speak just as one would speak to their friend, which is the highest level of all.

We can relax and feel comfortable speaking with G-d in our own words, freely as we would to one another. King David tells us that G-d calls us, ‘’my brothers, my friends.’’ And so, gifting us with the ability to form and close and everlasting relationship with the Holiest Of Holy.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.



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