The Last Battle of Emunah – Faith

Throughout his teachings, Rebbe Nachman teaches us about the adversity and struggle that our minds will endure.  Rabenu tells us that one of the aspects that we will go through is the constant battle of Emunah – faith.

Medically we know that our brain is split into two parts. The right and the left brain. Each part has its own functions, i.e. the left-brain processes logic, facts, mathematics etc. and the right brain contains feelings visualization, intuition, rhythm, and imagination.

Now let’s understand what the spiritual functions are as we know that every physical thing has a spiritual source. Our holy books tell us that on the left side of the brain stands the negative force of Amalek. And on the opposing, that is the tzaddik.

Amalek is the force which constantly tries to make us despair and give up hope. When we fall in sin we hear that voice in the left side of our brain immediately tell us; look at yourself g-d has for sure given up you and you should surely give up on yourself. Your deeds have ruined and destroyed all hope of salvation.

But on the right side of our brain stands the tzaddik. The tzaddik opposing that power tells us that there is no despair and we are always in the hands of g-d. G-d has never and will never forsake you!

And these two forces within our mind are in a constant battle and especially now as we get closer to redemption. We see that we can have a physically relaxed day but we still feel a constant fatigue and tiredness. And this is because the battle within us never stops.

Once, Rav Ofer Erez was asked; how can we say that there is no despair in the world at all!? If you take a look outside and ask people, many will tell you that they are in complete despair and have given up on the idea that they can really be close to g-d. They may be religious and observant Jews but inside they are full of despair.

Rav Ofer Erez answered with a brilliant explanation of Rebbe Nachman’s intention. He says that when granted we may have despaired from ourselves, but Rabenu is telling us that Hashem has never and will never give up on any Jew!

When King David revealed the place where the Beit Hamikdash – holy temple would be built he said ‘for I have fallen, into the hands of G-d’

When we fall, the left side of our brain – Amalek convinces us that we have fallen into his hands into the hands of the evil inclination. But the tzaddik shouts out and says ‘you have fallen but you have fallen into the hands of Hashem for his mercy is endless’ and that there is no despair in the world at all!

And we need to use this as a true advice and live it. It is not just a nice idea or a novel but rather it is the truth about our battles and how to defeat them. Believe the tzaddik within.

May we merit!

In the merit of R’ Eliezer ben Etya, Yitzchak ben Saida, Mordechai Menachem ben Miril, Galit Geula bat Ronit, Yitzchak ben Anet Chana. And for all of Am Yisrael.


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