The is No Despair at all

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev shouted out to all generations; “there is no despair in the world at all”. The simple meaning of this is that no matter what we have done wrong or how much we have fallen, we can never despair of hope. We can always come back to Hashem. We can always get back up from any downfall, no matter how bad it seems.

Look deeper

When we walk outside and take a look around, we find that many of us have despaired and given up on many things in life. Most don’t show this despair on the outside but it is the in their heart.

And when Rebbe Nachman said that there is despair in the world, he wasn’t just referring to us not giving up. It wasn’t motivational speech!

Rabenu was telling us that despair literally does not exist in the world.

How can Rebbe Nachman say that there is no such a thing as despair?

Can’t you see, I have given up! There is no hope for someone like me! I have sinned and ruined too much! My life is messed up, there is no way!
The evil inclination within our minds actually speaks out these words and makes it seem that it is the truth, our the actual reality.

Rav Ofer Erez gives us an amazing answer that goes deep and beneath the doubts that the yetzer hara instills in us every day.

Rebbe Nachman is giving us a tremendous message that we must live by on a daily basis. Surely we all have a place in our hearts that has despaired of salvation and or given up on ourselves.

However, Rabenu is revealing to us that Hashem is the one that does not despair. Hashem never gives up on anyone, no matter what! Even if we have given up and lost hope, we must always remember that Hashem never does.

And by knowing this as a fact, it automatically makes us get back up and find hope and ignite a spark from within.

If I know that Hashem will never give up on me, then how can I give up on my self.

This will give us the strength to get back up and never surrender to the evil inclination in our minds and hearts. This gives us mental strength to keep moving forward and never give up! 

May we merit!


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