The House


Day #38

The House

We’ve already covered thanking G-d during difficult times and about getting through them with the knowledge that they are good for us. But there are other times also, where it would be so obvious to thank G-d, and yet, we forget to do so or even take them for granted.

Those are the good times, the happy times, the busy with excitement times. The times where G-d has clearly given us a gift and we might have just mumbled a quick thanks, if any at all…

During these times it is so important to thank G-d! G-d owes us nothing, and yet He is so merciful and continues to fill our days with endless free gifts.

Free gifts from G-d may sometimes may come disguised as from ourselves. But, if He had not set it up and made it all possible, then we wouldn’t have gotten it.

We’ll give the example of buying a house. It may seem that we worked hard, saved the money, searched for the perfect house, signed the papers, and made the purchase. Yet – it was ALL G-d that did it. He provided a good paying job, the ability to save up money, sent us the perfect house, and literally provided the papers (from trees) to sign!! And yet, do we turn to Him to express a heartfelt ‘thank You’?

Other times we have an amazing excuse – we are just too busy to do it. Too busy to thank G-d for the gift He gave us! We find that split second to thank the man for holding the door open for us (who was sent there from G-d too..), but for the great Almighty, we can’t find time. Ironically, G-d is running the entire world and yet He always finds time to give us back our soul and allow us to live another day. Without Ever forgetting about us.

When our days are filled with goodness it is an even more important time to show G-d that we appreciate what He has given us. This way G-d will want to continue showering us with goodness and gifts. By thanking G-d during the good times we are enabling more blessing to come down.

Thank G-d for the good times and there will be even more good times!




*40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.*


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