Day #37

The Grateful Outcome of a Challenge

It is not only before or during a challenge that we need to keep thanking G-d. But it’s important to remember to thank G-d after it’s all over.

This is one of the works of the evil inclination within us. To make us easily forget the good that stemmed from the hardship. Although it was hard, we gained a lot of growth and goodness from it. We naturally tend to forget and move on. And most of all, that the challenge is behind us.

Here is where we take a practice Thank You Challenge. Try to focus in on a recent challenge or hardship and thank G-d for the time after. For giving us faith and strength to tackle the challenges.

Each person where they feel they can thank for the after-challenge period

Once we live our day with gratitude, thanking G-d before, during and after, our life will ascend to places we never imagined were possible. We will discover so much about ourselves that was hidden from us our entire life. And best of all, we will find how good our Father in heaven is and how close we always were and will always be to Him.

We are getting close to the end of an amazing 40 days together. It is a true merit to be a part of this journey of gratitude. May every thank-you lift us out of the dark places into happiness and joy.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your love. See miracles.


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