The godly sparks hidden within

Our holy sages tell us that the first two commandments ‘I Am the Lord’ and ‘You shall Have no other G-ds before Me’ were heard directly from Hashem. Whereas the rest of them were given over by Moshe Rebanu. Every Jew has a godly spark within that is hidden from our eyes, a part of Hashem.

It is written in the holy book that when we heard the first commandment of ‘I am Hashem’ the gateway for every Jew to reach that inner spark was opened.

When we merit to reach this spark of Godliness, we feel the ultimate connection to Hashem. All the bad traits and evil powers are annihilated, and we reach a place of true happiness.

How to reach the spark

When we self-assess ourselves and discover how much we are immersed in lust and impurity of this world, it seems impossible that this connection with Hashem can be formed.

How can we disconnect from our earthly desires?

At times, we don’t see any possible way to separate ourselves from our lusts and desires.

Rebbe Nachman tells us that within every one of us is a seed of redemption, a light that is waiting to be revealed. We just need to remove the shells that are covering it.

By talking to Hashem our creator and revealing our will to get closer to Him. To learn His Torah and pray or do Mitzvot. Through sharing our pain with Hashem, the pain of being so distant from Him all this time, we elevate our Emunah – faith, and light up that spark from within.

The more we speak to Hashem then the more we can get closer to those sparks that are deep in our hearts.

May we merit! 


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