Day #16

Reminder to say Thank You

Often times we find ourselves having a difficult time inside. Whether it is anxiety or a down, confusion, and feeling lost in the world. A few days can go by, even weeks where we feel completely disconnected and alone. Many times, the reason we feel this way is because G-d is trying to send us a reminder.

We suddenly realize that we lately haven’t connected and related to much G-d. Forgetting why and how it happened.

There are many reasons that we must go through the spiritual concealment and darkness. But today we will focus on the gratitude aspect. (you can check out other posts on the site for more info in more topics)

One reason we go through this period of time is for us to wake up and realize how much we have missed that relationship with G-d. How much thanking G-d is so crucial in our lives. And So, Hashem literally brings us down in order to awaken the will and desire and want to climb even higher on the ladder of gratitude and faith. When we merit that day, G-d sends us a spark in our heart to bring us even closer than we ever were.

This can be our first ‘thank you Hashem’ to use in this situation.

Thank you Hashem for reminding and giving me the merit to thank you. The biggest gift I have is the ability to thank You!

And the main thing is not to despair because of how you think you failed in the recent times. Now we can understand that really, the entire reason that we failed is only to come even closer, so there was never any failure, only ultimate success!

May we merit!

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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