The Angel and the Demon

The holy Ari z’’l teaches us that every Jew is made from two different parts, the angel, and the demon. One is the holy godly soul and the other is the animalistic soul, The Ari z’’l says that once they are combined within our body they form a demon within, an evil force.

Rebbe Nachman refers to this exact reality as follows:

Rebbe Nachman once attended a wedding and there was a comedian doing a standup show. The comedian would switch his clothes, one minute from those of a rabbi to garments of an evil man. Rabenu turned and said;

‘this is how a Jew will be in the last generation, one hour an angel and the nest like a demon’

Rebbe Nachman foresaw our spiritual bipolar disorder over 200 years ago and therefore left us advice on how to survive these troubling symptoms.

We simply have to recognize that we are composed of two opposite forces inside one entity. This is the spiritual bipolar disorder.

One hour we can be the holiest people and the next we act like a demon with all of the evil intentions in the world.

We can find ourselves waking up in the morning with the best purest intentions and wanting to be holy and close to Hashem, and then an hour later the demon within us wakes up and starts to pull us the other way. Back into our addictions, to our lusts and desires. To our internet and sins. To all those things we hate and despise.

The switch

When the switch between the godly soul and the demon occurs, we don’t even realize it is happening. We just find ourselves in the next reality and a reality which is completely the opposite of the holy reality we have just left.

If we follow what our own intelligence tells us then we will have no choice but to end up in an institution and taking medications for bipolar disorder.

Our mind tells us that we are sick and there is something seriously wrong with us. When really this is all a part of what we have to fix in the spiritual rectification of our generation.

If we learn to recognize that this is a spiritual problem then, we can use advice. Advice that comes from the highest places of the heavens.

Rebbe Nachman’s advice.

The first advice is not to panic when we experience this! There is nothing wrong with you. Rebbe Nahman already told us that we will be put in a situation where we will constantly be switching from soul to demon.

When we panic about this then we give the demon power and make a real reality of him. When realize it is a temporary feeling that will pass. We just need to learn how to stay above water as the storm passes through.

Rabenu tells us, go to the forest or field and scream to Hashem. Tell Hashem that you want no part of the things you do when the demon takes over.

This is the first step in recovery. Talking to the ultimate psychiatrist of all, our creator.

Once we have lifted this reality to G-d, then we can let go and let the storm pass.

Just never give up and never stop the scream out to our creator, Hashem blessed be He!

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