How soul sparks lead to redemption

Getting closer to God is not a simple thing. This world is full of masks and contradictions which hide the reality of God. So then, how can a person wake up, spiritually?

The Zohar tells us that this happens when a person is given a ‘holy spark’, a tiny drop from Heaven. The deeper Jewish sources explain that these ‘drops’ are soul sparks that literally fall onto a person.

In his book about the redemption, the famous Jewish commentator the Ramchal tells us that the redemption, the geula, is going to unfold in a couple of different stages. And the first part of the last stage is when Jewish souls will suddenly be showered with these ‘soul sparks’ from Heaven, and then suddenly a person will decide to make teshuva, and return to God.

No-one really understands how it is that they came to make teshuva. But they received that ‘spark’, and he suddenly just leaves everything else behind, and returns to God. And we often see this happening within a very short period of time, truly it can happen in the blink of an eye.

The Ramchal tells us that before the redemption, it will appear as though nothing at all has really changed, but nevertheless, Hashem will start have started the geula process by sending down all these ‘soul sparks’ to the world.

No-one understands how it’s happening, but even now when we look around we can see that the nation of Israel really is making teshuva.

Based on the writings of Rav Ofer in Ohr HaDaat, #115


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