To Act, Dumb can be a Very Good Thing

It’s written in our holy books, in Otzer HaYirah, Simcha 35, that sometimes it’s a really good idea to act dumb. There, it says:

“To merit happiness is more difficult than any other service of Hashem. Since the nature of man is to be drawn after sadness, because everyone is full of suffering and sorrow, as is known.

“Therefore it’s necessary to force oneself with all one’s might and with all types of advice to be happy always.

“We have already explained that most of the time it’s not possible to be happy except through ‘acting foolish’ or ‘telling jokes’. Like the holy Tannaim and the Amoraim (the sages from the time of the Gemara) would do before beginning their Torah lessons.

And today, on account of the fact that Israel is in exile, it turns out that so too our happiness is in exile. And we need to take our happiness out of exile”.

Excerpted from Rav Ofer Erez’s new book, From the Depths.


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