Azamra Saving the World without Saying One Word

In Likutey Moharan lesson 282 known as ‘Azamra’, Rebbe Nachman gives us what He said would be the most critical advice that would carry us all the way through the final redemption.

One of the biggest challenges we have today is the way we view our fellow Jew and ourselves.

We all know that we have an infinite soul within us which has endless power but still, the things which we did wrong or fell in to make us feel low or almost no self-worth at all.

This causes us to develop a ‘bad eye’ in our view of others as well as ourselves. If we cannot view others in a good eye then we cant look at ourselves in that way either.

Rabenu tells us that even if we see a person that is completely wicked, we need to search and find at least one place of goodness in that person. Where in that specific place they are not is not wicked.

By doing this Rabenu says, you bring that person up from the spiritual level that they in and raise them higher. Just by the way you search for one good point in the other.

Every physical action in our world has a parallel spiritual action. Here Rebbe Nachman reveals what the spiritual action is when we look at another Jew and judge them favorably and find one ‘good point’ in them.

We have the power to bring the entire world to its pure rectification without having to rebuke or ‘get into it’ with anyone. No matter what our position may be, whether a Rabbi or a teacher, a husband and a wife. This works in every situation.

i.e. If a husband walks into the house upset and in a bad mood. Worse he is super ticked off and it is impossible to even speak to him. Then, if the wife is able to find one good point in her husband and focus on that one good point. She brings him up from the Spiritual level that he is in and raises him to a better place. Tried and tested. This always works and you can see the results instantly.

Maybe a friend said something offending or upsetting to us or someone else but instead of having a bad eye we searched for something good in that person. We open up a spiritual path for their soul to escape the lower spiritual level that they are in.

Imagine if we adopted this way, now more then ever!

If we are constantly viewing our fellow Jew in this way, with a ‘good eye’ we can bring the entire world up and out of the ‘bad places’ of spirituality.

This does not mean that we need to ignore the ‘bad’ side of a person. We should always know to deal with matters of this world in an appropriate manner. But this does not conflict the search for the good in that Jew.

Every time we use this advice and method that Rebbe Nachman gave us. We bring our fellow Jews closer and we can cut out any argument and fight. Whether it be with our friends or parents maybe spouse or anyone.

The more we develop a ‘good eye’ to others, then we begin to have the same effect on ourselves and we start healing from all the self-persecutions and low self-worth.

This is a true healing for all. A healing to the soul within and to our minds.

May We Merit!


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