Running After the Truth

When someone hears a Torah lesson that really speaks to them on the soul level, and that really seems to connect to them and their life and their experiences, they immediately experience a huge sense of spiritual awakening and yearning for God.

When someone hears a Torah lesson that feels as though it’s tailor-made for them, they’ll drop everything else and immediately start running in the direction of that tremendous spiritual light.

Because that light is actually reflecting off their neshama, their soul.

All our lives, we’re really just searching for those words of Torah, that advice, that is exactly suited to our neshama. The minute that we’re given that, we throw everything else aside and we start to run after God as fast as our legs will carry us.

We’ll go and speak to Him in the desert, we’ll go and speak to them in the fields, we’ll go and walk by the sea-shore and talk to Him all day, doing hitbodedut for hours. Every fibre of a person’s being simply yearns for Hashem.

The Torah of the True Tzaddik reaches everyone at the level they’re really at

When this occurs, it’s called ‘receiving the wisdom of the True Tzaddik’ – because the Torah of the True Tzaddik speaks to every single one of us, on our own level.

Now in truth, all the Tzaddikim are ‘true’ Tzaddikim. But in Breslov, there is a concept that’s called ‘The True Tzaddik’. Again, all the Tzaddikim are certainly true Tzaddikim, and as it’s written: ‘All your people are tzaddikim’.

So what is the difference between these Tzaddikim and ‘the True Tzaddik’?

In a nutshell, it’s this:

All of the Tzaddikim teach us Torah, but only the True Tzaddik teaches us Torah that is precisely, tailor made for our personal circumstances and individual soul.

And we see this happening very clearly in our current generation.

“I want Torah that I can relate to!”

So many times, a person will listen to a Torah lesson or hear a Torah class, and while he doesn’t have anything against what he’s hearing, it does nothing for him, spiritually. It doesn’t excite him, it doesn’t inspire him, it doesn’t light him up.

He doesn’t feel like it was really speaking to him at all, or that the Torah he’s hearing is really relevant to the place and the situation where he currently finds himself.

But when it comes to the True Tzaddik, he can reveal Torah that can reach to the heart of a person, wherever that person currently finds themselves.

This is called ‘the secret of the sun’s rectification’.

The secret of the sun’s rectification occurs when we have the privilege of joining with, and connecting to those Tzaddikim who can reveal to us those Torah lessons that can really reach us in the place we’re currently at.

But for this to actually happen, we need to pray about it a lot.

Based on the teachings of Rav Ofer Erez in the Ohr HaDaat newsletter, #116.


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