The Root of Happiness is that I am a Jew

Discovering the root of happiness in Rebbe Nachman’s tale of the Seven Beggars, Rabbenu tells us:

“Because the main aspect of all the arrows that were shot at the King’s daughter, which refers to the Shechina, which is the congregation of Israel, is the aspect of sadness. Therefore, as soon as a person wants to return to Hashem, he experiences sadness and bitter darkness, G-d forbid, and he needs to make himself happy at every moment. How?

“With the fact that He did not make me a gentile…”

What it means to be a Jew

We need to delve into the meaning of what it means to be a Jew.

What does it really mean to be the son of the King, to be so close to the Holy Throne? To know that I have a holy neshamah and, even if I fall, at my root I am only good, carved out of the highest of places.

Therefore, there is always hope, and whatever it takes, I can always return to my neshamah and to the Master of the World.

On this point alone, I can thank Hashem and be immensely happy – that I am a holy Jew and not a flower and not a cow, and that Hashem has given me great strength to act in the world and to awaken the holiness that is inside of me!

Excerpted from Rav Ofer Erez’s new book in English, From the Depths.



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