Day #19

Resilient Gratitude Through the Concealment

We have so far discussed thanking G-d for the simple good things in our life, mindfulness in our gratitude and forming a relationship with the advice of hitbodedut -personal prayer. The question is asked though, how do we keep this up when times are rough when things are not working and not going the way we want them to?

How do we keep forming a relationship with G-d during difficult times when G-d is hidden from us and, in essence, is concealed from us.

To try to understand this we take a look at the life of King David. His entire life he was chased down by people trying to kill him. He was cursed by his own family, disgraced by those around him, failures, and through all of this what did He do? How did he deal with all of the downfalls?

King David tells us, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing to Your name, O Most High.”

He calls Gd here ‘Most High.’ But what he is referring to the times where we do not understand the ways of G-d, the way that things are being conducted. When we are in these times of concealment and nothing makes any sense.

It is during these times that we need to tap into this higher power that King David used. The power to rise above our logic and connect to G-d via prayer and gratitude.

He would elevate everything that happened to him in songs of prayer and gratitude to G-d. He would say thank you to G-d so frequently, that it turned into song.

King David was known for secluding himself with Gd. Expressing his innermost thoughts and feelings in songs and praise.

Many find comfort in the words of King David. His feelings are real and pain even stronger. He strength and courage penetrate the heart of the individual as we can feel his struggles and pain being elevated and used to cling to Gd.

We, too, have this ability to cling to G-d through the concealment. We just have to hold on ever so tightly to get there.

But, we also have a gift to make it easier. We have the gift of gratitude and the path that was previously paved by King David. We just need to walk in his footsteps and half the work is already done.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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