Day #7

Replacing Depression with Gratitude

In our generation, depression has become one of the bigger issues we face. It plagues everyone at one time or another, be it a specific day or a general overall feeling.

Rebbe Nachman himself tells us that he too suffered from depression, but the way he tackled it was different than anyone else ever did.

Being depressed can be a test of our faith and it is there to awaken us in spiritual growth. To ignite our search for true happiness and in finding G-d in all the dark places that we find ourselves.

One of the remedies for a depression holding on this level is to say “thank you”.

Rebbe Natan of Breslov says when we say thank you we actually erect a form of happiness in our heart. He also brings down, in the holy written work; Likutei Halachot, that the work of gratitude is an aspect of Moshiach.

With this, we can understand why we are being awakened to thank G-d and grow in faith at this specific time. As we get closer to redemption and Moshiach, the need for gratitude grows stronger since the main aspect of Final redemption will be gratitude.

If we can take a breath and relax for just 3 minutes, shifting our focus to 5 things we are thankful for, then we can replace depression with gratitude.

The more we say thank you, the more we become aware of the gifts we are given on a daily basis. And eventually, we will learn how to be grateful within our challenges and difficulties as well.

With G-d’s help, we will learn more about gratitude, overcoming anxiety and depression in future posts.

40 days. 100 thank you’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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