Day #13

A Prayer of Gratitude to the King of all Kings

King of all Kings, The Holy, Blessed One, Ruler of the world, Ribono shel olam – thank You!

Thank you that I’m standing here and thanking You. And all the praises I’m saying, they are literally a drop in the ocean as to how much I should really be thanking You.

After all, I should really be thanking you for absolutely everything, because it’s all from You.

Thank you for every single thing in the whole world.

Thank you for the thousands and thousands of times that You have helped me in the past.

When You supported me, and saved me, and rescued me, and made me happy, and healed me, and protected me, and encouraged me…

Thank you, that You are always with me.

Thank you, that You give me the strength I need to do mitzvot and the energy to do good deeds, and the strength to pray.

Thank you for all the times that You helped me, and I didn’t even know how to say thank you.

Thank you for all the kindnesses that you are doing for me every single second of the day.

Thank you for every single breath of fresh air that I take.

And also thank you, King of Kings, for all the things I don’t have.

Thank you, G-d, that sometimes things are hard for me.

Thank you that sometimes I feel sad because I know everything is ultimately for my good.

Even though sometimes I can’t actually see how it could be for my good, deep inside my heart I know that everything is really just coming from You and that this must be the best possible situation for me to be in.

And that You tailored it and arranged it exactly to be what I really need right now.

As only the King of all Kings could do.

Thank you that sometimes things are hard for me because really that’s the only way I’d ever come to appreciate all the good in my life.

It’s only after we’ve been groping around in the darkness that we can truly value the light.

Thank you for this amazing life that you’ve given to me.

Thank you even for the very smallest things I have in my life – because You gave me everything, and it didn’t come from anywhere else!

Thank you that You always listen to my prayers.

Borei Olam, creator of the world, from the bottom of my heart I ask for Your forgiveness, if I didn’t properly appreciate all the things that You’ve given to me;

And if instead of saying ‘thank you’, I just complained instead.

I am dust and ashes, and You are everything.

Please don’t ever send me away from Your loving presence.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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