The Power of Our Will and Desire

One of the essential lessons that Rebbe Nachman of Breslov gave over to our generation, is the advice of our ‘Will and Desire’.

Rebbe Nachman foresaw the difficulties that will strike us in our days. The hardships of spiritual ascent and staying free of the evil inclination of our times.

This is why Rabenu places an emphasis on the advice of having the will to do good.        And not focusing on our given spiritual reality. In G-d’s eyes, your true reality is where your heart wants to be. All we have to do is reveal that will.

Even when we find ourselves not able to actually do good and even fall down. Still, Rabenu is telling us that just by mere fact that we hold onto our inner will and good intentions, that in itself determines our true reality in Hashem’s eyes.

“It is not our actions and reality in this world that determines who we are but rather it is out true inner will and desire”

There is no one that can stop our inner will and desire! No one in the world!


This video is dedicated in the merit and refuah of:
Rav Eliezer ben Etya, Yitzchak ben Saida, Galit Geula bat Ronit and all of am Yisrael!


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