Day #9

Dayeinu- My Life is Enough

Very soon we will be sitting around the Seder table on Pesach and retelling the story of the exodus from Egypt (which is in itself an ongoing gratitude challenge – to remember it every day of our lives).

During the Seder we will sing the well-known song- “Dayeinu” meaning – it would have been enough.

This song details step by step the process from leaving Egypt to arriving in Israel, it leads us through each gift – each miracle – from G-d and how each alone would have sufficed.  “It would have been enough had G-d split the sea, without also leading us to dry land. It would have been enough had G-d brought us to Mount Sinai, but not given us the Torah…”

This begs the question – would it really have been enough!? If G-D split the sea and didn’t lead us through to dry land – we wouldn’t have survived. If G-D led us to Mt Sinai and didn’t give us the Torah would that really have been enough!?

This song is the most profound lesson in gratitude. We take our gratitude practice to the next level when we don’t just focus on the final result, the big prize – but rather acknowledge and appreciate every single step along the way, recognize each blessing in its entirety.

When we thank someone, we should detail every little thing that they did for us along the way. While we say we are grateful for food, let’s break that down and think about the smells, tastes, colors, textures, variety, accessibility etc. of all the foods we can eat- wow!

When we master this art – being grateful for each thing and not expecting the next one – then, our life will be enough- Dayeinu.

The post today is taken from an amazing woman named Robin Smookler. She is currently running her own 40-day gratitude challenge with about 300 women in South Africa!
A major inspiration!


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