Knowledge When We fall

There are times that we are on the spiritual rise. Everything is clicking. We have the strength to overcome our lusts and desires, guard our eyes and do good.

But then there are those times that we find ourselves after the fall. Left with a feeling of despair and emptiness. A notion that we have no hope and that G-d has left us because of our sins.

We feel that we have failed Him and failed the test.

This is where Rebbe Nachman teaches us that we need to acquire a special knowledge for when we fall.

In our generation, most of the test is resisting the bad and wanting the good.

Engaged in this battle with the evil inclination, we fight and do everything in our power to overcome the desire that’s burning inside. Sometimes, with the help of G-d, we somehow manage to win over our evil inclination. But there are many times that we find ourselves after the fact, after that sin in a blink of an eye.

Were left speechless and wonder, how it is that we just did what we did!?

When this happens over and over we run out of answers and begin to wonder what G-d actually wants from us if we are not able to overcome this tremendous yetzer hara.

The Battle of Resistance – The Real Test

When we are in that stage of helplessness against the power of the evil inclination. We must ascend to a higher knowledge. A type of knowledge that is above our logical comprehension.

This knowledge tells us that our test is all about resisting and putting up a fight against the evil inclination. Even if we fall, it wasn’t about that.

Sometimes we fall only to ingrain that resistance aspect deeper in our hearts. We fall so now we can tell Hashem even more how we DON’T want any part of the sin. That we just want to be close to Him always.

The more we resist then the more we grow in our want to get closer to Hashem and keep away from the bad.

When we merit to acquire this high knowledge then, we merit to never ever despair and give up. We will always know that G-d is right there with us in every place, in the darkest places of our lives.

May we merit to always talk to Hashem and believe in his mercy!


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