Not only is it vitally important to thank G-d for any difficulties or challenges we may face, but it also encompasses a positive commandment from the Torah. Each time we acknowledge that G-d is just in all that he does, we are fulfilling a positive commandment.

When we acknowledge this, what we are in fact saying, is that we are happy with what we were given in life. We may not be there yet, but this growth happens slowly and subtlety. From accepting all that G-d does as ‘good-bad no complaint,’ we are enabling our growth to take on a new level. With this we are able to come to truly, deep in our heats, be happy with exactly what we have.

In order to come to this acceptance of ‘good-bad no complaint,’ we first must trust G-d and allow Him to carry us forward. Like it is written in Tehillim, “Cast your burden on G-d, and He will sustain you.”

There is a famous parable that goes along with this.

There was once a wagon driver driving along on the road. As he went on his way, he soon passed a peddler and offered him a ride. The peddler hopped on, but as they continued to ride, the driver noticed something rather unusual. The peddler was carrying his large heavy sack over his shoulder! The driver asked him why doesn’t he place it on the floor of the wagon. To his surprise, the peddler replied that the driver was already doing him a great favor by carrying him in his wagon, he didn’t want to further burden him by placing his baggage down too!

Once we trust that G-d is already carrying us, we can move on to believing that everything comes from G-d. All our success in this world and the next comes from Him. When we thank G-d that everything comes from Him, we are already illuminating the belief in our hearts. Growing another step closer to G-d and enabling our happiness to grow too.

R’ Ofer Erez explains to us that when we go in this path of thanking G-d, we reveal a new concept deep within ourselves. We discover that really, G-d is good. Until this point, we never paid any attention to it. Once we come to this realization, we become enveloped in the light of happiness. Therefore, becoming a happy person. And the pattern begins that we feel a greater happiness and becomes even happier. Why? Because we are now able to see that G-d is good. The greater the happiness the more this becomes revealed to us.

Start smiling. G-d is so good!


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