Practical advice for how to get the most out of Pesach – Nisan, 5778

The holy Ari tells us that every single year during the month of Nisan, and particularly during Pesach, the concept of ‘leaving Egypt’ is renewed, and a big light comes down to the world. This is Divine light, which helps our Divine soul to awaken, and enables it to receive an extra spiritual illumination, in order to take our connection with Hashem up to a whole other level.

We have to connect to this spiritual influx, that’s being sent down. So how can we do this?

1) Connect to the true Tzaddikim.

In the month of Nisan, we should try to strengthen our connection with the true Tzaddikim. We can do this by lighting a candle for the Tzaddik, and by saying: “I hereby bind myself to all the Tzaddikim of the generation, those living and those dead,” etc, and also by learning the Tzaddik’s Torah.

We should also try to increase our emunat Tzaddikim, and believe that the Tzaddikim’s spiritual powers can help us. The true Tzaddikim merited to completely subdue their animal soul, and to connect themselves entirely to their Divine souls, and to completely illuminate their Divine souls.

When we connect to the true Tzaddik, the light from the Tzaddik’s neshama (Divine soul) also shines into us, and strengthens our neshama in turn, which helps us to get closer to Hashem and to overcome our animal soul.

2) Increase your hitbodedut.

We should also make a particular effort to strengthen our hitbodedut (time spent talking to God in our own words.) Anyone who can actually go out to the field, should do so. Even if a person doesn’t know what to say, the creation itself at this period is full of a spiritual awakening, and the grasses in the field themselves are singing to Hashem!

The words will come!

And those people who can’t practically go out to a field should also try to strengthen their hitbodedut at this time. It’s written in the holy books that the simple things a person says, like: “Abba, thanks for everything! Abba, please help me to guard my eyes!” all help to prepare and create vessels for us, that will enable us to contain the new, spiritual influx and bounty that’s being sent down to the world.

3) Prepare for Seder Night properly.

It’s written in the holy books that every year on Seder Night, an extremely lofty Divine light comes down to the world, that can help us to serve Hashem throughout the whole of the coming year. So, it’s very important to try to make a real effort to arrive at Seder Night in a state of yishuv hadaat (spiritual understanding / a settled mind) and tranquility.

We should also try to prepare for the seder beforehand by learning through the Haggada at the pshat, remez, drash and sod levels (i.e. at all four levels of insight, from the simplest through to the most esoteric), each one according to their own level and understanding.

May Hashem help us to do that this year!

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