Day #36

Gratitude and Mindfulness our Best Memories

Mindfulness. The next big “in” thing. It plays an important role in our gratitude because if we are not mindful we limit our ability to be grateful.

For those out of the loop, mindfulness is the awareness of our surroundings, feelings, and thoughts. When we take a few moments to bring our focus to the present we open our eyes to an all-new reality of goodness that surrounds us.

When we apply mindfulness to our feelings, we allow ourselves to feel. Acknowledging and validating our feelings and in return giving us the ability to then process and think clearly of the proper steps that need to be taken.

Being mindful of our surroundings has many subcategories other than the simple meaning. We’ll take one idea for now and that is when we are mindful of our surroundings and experiences we form memories.

When we fully tune in and place our focus on where we are and who we are with, we enable beautiful memories to be etched into our mind.

Nowadays we use pictures to make the lasting memories for us. Attempting to get that perfect picture, to look absolutely amazing and perfect, on Instagram and Facebook. When really we are losing out far greater than the perfectly gained picture.

Pictures are meant to capture the memory forever. But in truth, if we would apply our minds, our focus and be mindful – we would be able to remember every detail.

We are so busy that our minds are constantly running into overdrive – thereby never allowing us to ever be fully present, resulting in “memory loss” or forgetfulness.
How many times can we put something down or walk into a room, all to forget where we put the item or what we were about to do?

It comes from the lack of mindfulness.

When we put our mind to it we have the ability to notice details, beauty, and the ultimate goodness that surrounds us on a constant basis. But this is only gained through mindfulness and truly living in the moment.

Live in the moment. Be mindful. Be grateful. Capture your memory. Thank G-d.


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