Day #11

Gratitude is The Root of Happiness

Rebbe Natan of Breslev writes in his book Likutei Halachot, that when we accustom ourselves in the path of gratitude, slowly but surely, we can come out of our sadness and depression. Why? He continues, “because gratitude is the root of happiness”.

Where do sadness and depression begin? Where does it stem from?

The answer is that the evil inclination emphasizes what we don’t have, our deficiencies. In the words of the wicked Haman; ‘’all that I have is worthless.’’ His intention was if one man does not bow to me, then I have nothing.

When we don’t work on gratitude to our creator then we automatically work on something else altogether, with the opposite effect. We give room for the negative force of Haman to infiltrate our minds and highlight what we are lacking. All this brings sadness and depression onto a person.

If we are not working on gratitude then we fall to sadness

Through the way of gratitude and accustoming ourselves to saying “thank you,” we begin to produce happiness in our hearts. It is a light of inner happiness that can only be reached through gratitude.

The reasoning behind all this is quite simple. When we say thank you, we start seeing that G-d is actually good and that we truly have so much good in our life. Until we started saying thank you, we were unaware and unmindful of the true goodness of G-d.

With this gift of gratitude, we now have the awesome opportunity to grab our pens or spend a few minutes alone with G-d. We can start to thank G-d in a more personal way, just us and Him, writing them down or speaking them out loud to Him. Thanking G-d for all the good things that we are now mindful of and have begun to recognize.

Start building your list, let’s give a push to write or speak as many thank you’s as we can and try to reach the 100 thank you’s. In time we will find that we don’t have room on our notepads and not enough time in our day to thank G-d for his goodness.

May we merit!

40 days. 100 thank you’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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