Gratitude is All-Encompassing

Day #1

People are always asking why gratitude? What is the purpose of the challenge and what can I gain from it?

It’s difficult to answer this question in just a three-minute conversation stopped on the street. But in all honesty, the answer is…everything and all-encompassing. There is simply nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Gain a new perspective on life, bring down blessings, see miracles and G-d’s hand orchestrating your life. The list is as endless as our gratitude lists can be.

So then, why is this 40-day gratitude challenge so challenging?

We live in a time filled with instant gratification, expectations, and high standards. All these ways that we’ve accustomed ourselves to have corrupted the way we connect to G-d.

How can we have patience and the ability to wait for our prayers to be answered? We are so entrenched in needing everything instantly and on a whim.


Through gratitude, we gain the patience to wait, to see the good in waiting, and to see how the answer came at the best possible time – in the best possible way.

G-d is so great and knows exactly what we need and when. We just need to learn patience and acceptance. Gratitude is perfect for instantly filling us with this ability.

With G-d’s help, the next 40 days will be life-changing and we should each merit to be able to see the true beauty found in G-d’s awesome ways.

40 days. 100 thank you’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.



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