Day #1

Gratitude Holds the Key

In the previous challenge, we began focusing on transforming our gratitude into a relationship with G-d. We shared deep concepts on overcoming our anxiety, fear, depression, and anger through gratitude. It is sufficed to say that gratitude holds the true key to all the gates above. As we find, most people are unaware that gratitude more than anything else invokes divine compassion and abundance.

We get so caught up in living life and staying afloat that we don’t even realize that the quality of life isn’t there. The ability to live a life full of happiness and joy is right at the tip of our pencils…if we would only stop to write it down.

Over the next 40 days, we will be writing down 100 things each day that we are thankful for. 100 sounds like much and can be very intimidating. But, if we can switch the lens we view the world with, we can begin to live in a world of true happiness.

Let’s view each ‘thank You’ as a small gift we are in fact giving ourselves. We think we are thanking for what we already have. But the truth is, by thanking G-d, we are giving ourselves even more than we could have ever imagined on our own. We are gifting ourselves with endless blessings, and a true connection to G-d. Gifts that no one else can give us and can only be gained through gratitude.

May it be G-d’s will that in this new round of 40 days we reinvent ourselves, finding new meaning to life and see G-d’s hand in all that we do.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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