Gratitude and its Everlasting Blessing

Day #7

Using our tool of gratitude, we can bring the blessing down and enable it to be everlasting.

All that we have has been given to us and sent from G-d. Each time we thank G-d, we bring down even greater gifts than what we could have ever thought of. Not only that, but we are given the ability to see G-d’s hand and His divine intervention in our lives. G-d is so merciful and kind and continues to send to us even when we aren’t up to par in our gratitude.

We all constantly have times where we feel we caused something to occur. Be it pride in an accomplishment, or personal benefit from something we achieved. But the truth behind all these moments is that they all came from G-d. He gave them to us.

Yes, we can feel good that we fulfilled an assignment or closed an important business deal.

But there is an important aspect that needs to be acknowledged here.

That is, that it was all a gift from G-d. No matter how much effort we put in, it was G-d that gave us that ability to achieve and the correct words in our mouths to make it to that end result.

Therefore, it is vitally important to immediately say thank you to G-d. to uplift it back to its original source. By doing so, we take the ‘ani – me’ and turn it into ‘ain – nothing.’ We raise up our success to its Heavenly roots and thereby enabling the blessing to become everlasting.

40 days. 100 thank yous a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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