Day #1

Getting Obsessed with Gratitude

It is so interesting how the entire world now is obsessed with gratitude.
Even in the non-Jewish world, they have gratitude journals and are all about being grateful and the benefits of it.

When Hashem created the world, He “programmed” gratitude and gratefulness into it. Therefore, there is always a need for its existence.

Plus the flip side of that is that the world cannot exist without gratitude.

So that now leaves us with food for thought:

Why is it that it is only now hitting the non-Jewish world? Why has it taken this long to become recognized?

My thoughts were simply that Moshiach is almost here. Soon the entire world will recognize Hashem, the creator of all. And Gratitude is a stepping stone to that.
As We thank Hashem we come to realize His greatness and our dependency to His ultimate source of all. It gives us the clarity we need for when Moshiach arrives, a time when all will acknowledge Hashem’s Oneness and truth.
Gratitude in the non-Jewish world is giving them too – a glimpse into the greatness of the Master of the world. And how it all stems from a higher source than what they ever imagined.

Thought this was so interesting and had to share. Because no matter who we talk to,
everyone is into this “gratitude thing.”


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