Day #29

Gaining a Deeper Appreciation

Someone recently asked me how they can come to truly appreciate the gifts they already have, and not just say “thank You Gd for XYZ.” They honestly wanted to appreciate certain aspects of their lives- focusing on the good that they already have, versus the difficulties they are going through.

Many times, during the challenge, we are so caught up in trying to reach the ‘100’ that we can lose sight as to the purpose of the challenge.

Ironically, we can mindlessly do the challenge that is supposed to bring us to a greater awareness.

How can we avoid this and truly come to appreciate all the 1 through 100 that we’ve been writing down? The advice below will also help give direction for the times we struggle to reach that golden number.

The way to break this mindless habit is to not just thank for XYZ, but rather, to allocate a few Thank You’s to it. My favorite was the coffee challenge that used to be posted – to find 25 things you can thank G-d for in a cup of coffee. It not only forces us to search for the small things involved in the coffee but also, bring us to appreciate many more coffees thereafter.

Searching for the additional gifts, inside of a gift, is the key to truly appreciating that which we already have.

We can apply this coffee challenge idea to any area where we want to deepen our gratitude. If we take a moment to look at our list we will see that there is so much to be thankful for in regards to everything we wrote down. Yet, we have only allocated one spot for it before hastily moving on.

When we find ourselves in that struggle to find 100 things to be grateful for, we can stop and look back at our page. There, hidden in every line, is so much more! Go back and write another thank you in connection with a previous one. Then another and another.

There are endless gifts waiting to be uncovered and many are sitting right there, in the previous pages!

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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