G-d’s Magnificent Tapestry

Day #10

G-d supplies us with endless good all day of every day. Most of the time we don’t understand the hidden ways of G-d but there are rare moments that we get a glimpse into the Almighty’s ways. There are times where G-d allows us to see the good in a situation that looks seemingly bad.

There exists a curtain between us and our understanding of the running of the world. We cannot fully grasp as long as the curtain is separating us. The curtain will be raised with the coming of the ultimate redemption. G-d’s master plan will be revealed and true understanding will prevail.

On our side of the tapestry, we see knots tangles and jagged ends. But on the other side, there is an absolute breathtaking beauty of a magnificent handwoven embroidery.

G-d runs the world in a carefully orchestrated way. Each millisecond perfectly planned to enable the most perfect chain reaction of perfectly planned moments.

Our job in this world isn’t to understand. It isn’t to try and figure out why this or that.

We are here to simply live a life of growth and gaining a connection to G-d. Through this connection, we will gain insights and guidance in this world and know the proper way to proceed. Without it, we will be lost in a state of constant fear and confusion.

Gratitude is a lifeline. It is a direct instant connection to G-d and to His awesome running of the world.

When we connect to G-d through thanking Him, we are giving ourselves the greatest gift of all – connection and direction in this big scary world called ‘Life.’

40 days. 100 thank you’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.



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