From the Depths

Over the last few years, Rav Ofer Erez and his organization, Ka’Ayal Ta’Arog, have had an enormous amount of positive feedback about his book, From the Depths.

After the original volume in Hebrew was published, many people got in touch to tell us how it’s deep yet simply-presented advice had really changed their lives for the better in a very profound way.

So now, with tremendous gratitude to Hashem, we are so pleased to announce that From the Depths is now available in English.

From the Depths

The book takes so many of the vital concepts of emuna and trust in Hashem that we all need simply to wake up in the mornings and successfully navigate through our daily lives and brings them right down to eye-level for this generation.

The book has been painstakingly translated to retain Rav Ofer’s knack of expressing the most profound and complex ideas from the Kabbalah and other deeper Jewish sources in a very easy-to-understand format.

From the Depths has already touched thousands of people’s lives in the Hebrew and Russian-language volumes, and it’s our profound hope that it will do the same in the English-speaking world, too.

To order the book From the Depths please contact us at
US: 1-347-873-1222  Israel: 058-632-2207 Email:



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