Day #5

From Big to Simple

Often times we find it very difficult to reach 100 thank you’s in one sitting or one day. When we begin to either write or speak the thank you’s out loud, we can quickly get frustrated about not being able to find things to thank about. This happens to us because our mind is trying too hard to think about something big rather than finding the simple things in our life that G-d gifts us with.

Our minds are naturally inclined to skip over the simple things because we perceive them as small, meaningless, and maybe not even worth a thank you.

This is where we need to develop and grow our faith.

Everything we have from a home or a car to a cup of coffee or the buttons on our shirts. Are all worthy of a thank you.

The evil inclination works hardest at concealing our faith in the simple places and make us take them for granted.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches us that the main aspect of Emunah, faith, is when we recognize the simple things in our life which G-d provides for us.

When we merit to start thanking G-d for the simple things, we are shining G-d’s light into to the smallest places where no one can reach.

With time throughout the challenge, our eyes and minds will open up new dimensions and understanding in gratitude. We will be able to find so much more than we ever thought we can thank for. But we must start with simplicity.

Being simple is the hardest things to achieve in this world.

40 days. 100 Thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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