Day #14

Forming a Relationship Through Gratitude

The sole purpose of all of creation is to become one and form a close and faithful connection with Gd. G-d gave us many tools in order to accomplish this, though, there is one specific tool that is vital to our ability to get close. That tool is gratitude. Everything that we have spoken about, and will continue to discuss, all need to bring us to forming a relationship with G-d.

When we take a step towards coming closer, whether we try to keep Shabbat or do any sort of mitzvah or act of kindness, we must always remember to attach gratitude to our efforts.

For instance, if we made an effort to give charity today and succeeded, we need not forget to thank G-d for giving us the ability to give that charity. Or let’s say we kept Shabbat, or even something smaller and less daunting, we should always remember to thank the creator for giving us the ability to do so.

When we incorporate gratitude into every facet of our lives, we change our lives completely. Being grateful changes the way we get closer to G-d.

When we learn to thank G-d for our spiritual growth, we accomplish two important things.

The first aspect is that we form a relationship with G-d.

Take for example a friend of ours gives us something today, and then again tomorrow, and then again for the next month. Our response with a simple “thank you,” is in fact, causing us to form a relationship and connect with this person. Through this help that they are constantly gifting us with, we come away with a strong bond. The same thing applies with G-d. Every time we thank G-d for the good that He gives us, we make that connection even stronger.

The second element we accomplish by thanking G-d is letting go of our ego and obtaining humility.

We slowly start understanding that not everything is a given and no one owes me anything. The trait of gratitude and appreciation begins to take hold and we realize how much we are truly cared for by Gd.

This feeling becomes the best feeling of all.

That moment we gain a glimpse into the purpose of past occurrences and the understanding that it was all meant to bring to exactly where we are. It is an awe-inspiring moment. One that fills us inside with warmth and tears that we are being cared for perfectly and there was a plan all along by the One above.

With gratitude incorporated into our lives, we are in essence, filling our lives with the knowledge of G-d and His almighty presence. We are gifting ourselves with the best gift of all, a gift that cannot be described in words, and yet is available to all who seek it.

May we merit to always seek this closeness to Gd.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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