Fixing the world of feelings

Each of our soul-levels is represented by a different part of the body.

  • The neshama, the Divine soul, is associated with the head.
  • The ruach, the soul level that’s associated with our moods, is connected to the heart and the chest.
  • The last level, the Nefesh, or the animal soul, is symbolized by our legs.

In his tale about The Cripple, Rebbe Nachman hinted to us that our generation would have a very deep and difficult task to perform, connected to rectifying our internal world of feelings.

If you take a look at the previous generations, you can see that they were more concerned with rectifying the worlds of intellect that are connected to the ruach and neshama soul levels.

But today, our job is to fix our feelings.

Heaven sent us down to this world this ‘world of feelings’ and this ‘world of desires’. Symbolically, this is all connected to the legs, and that’s why the time that immediately precedes the redemption is called the ‘heels of the Moshiach’.

This is referring to all the terrible confusion and emotional tests we all have to face in our generation. Rebbe Nachman hinted to all of this in his tale of The Cripple, and explained how, with God’s help, we could come through them all, and finally be rectified ourselves.

Sometimes, it can seem to us as though it’s almost impossible for anyone to be able to stand up in the tests that every single one of us face today, and actually be able to fix the world of feelings and desires.

But that’s why Hashem sent the true Tzaddikim before us, who could guide us and advise on the right paths to follow, and the correct way to behave. It stands to reason that God would never have sent us down to the world to fix the world of feelings if it was impossible to do it!

It can be done! By every single one of us!

But only if we follow the paths and the advice that the true Tzaddikim have set out for us.

Based on Rav Ofer Erez’s writing in Ohr HaDaat #115


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