Baseless Hatred The Biggest Thing Delaying Redemption

As the world continues to melt down, as our problems and personal issues continue to stack up. And as the security situation on Israel’s borders begins to heat up again, so many of us are wondering why the redemption is being delayed.

In one of the most important Torah lessons that you might ever hear, Rav Ofer Erez, shlita, explains clearly how the single biggest thing delaying redemption is… us.

And particularly, all those more internal, ‘secret’ bad middot (character traits) that we all have. However, so many of us aren’t even aware of.

In the first part of this 60-minute video, Rav Ofer brings the sources from the Gemara that sets out what the real problem of baseless hatred actually is. How it’s often far more subtle and widespread than we realize, and just how seriously Hashem takes the whole subject of how we interact with our fellow Jew.

As well as clearly identifying the problem, Rav Ofer also starts to share a practical solution, based on the advice from Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. This is contained in his famous Lesson 282 from Likutey Moharan. This lesson, popularly known as ‘Azamra!’, teaches us practical tools for:

Points to look out for:

  • Identifying and acknowledging our own more hidden bad traits, including anger, jealousy, hatred, and intolerance;
  • What we can do to start solving the problem, and overcoming these negative character traits. (even if we don’t know that we actually have them…)
  • Fixing the sin of sinat chinam, or ‘baseless hatred’
  • Bringing redemption closer, and ensuring that the nation of Israel will be redeemed the sweet way.

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