Encircled with Love


Day #40

Encircled with Love

As we end the challenge, we need to leave off stressing the point that G-d only does good. This goodness sources from His endless love for  us.

There are often times where we find ourselves in such great difficulty that we find it can’t comprehend the idea of thanking G-d for our difficulties. It is times like those where we have no where else to turn, no one else to help us rise from the darkness, that we need to turn to the One and Only. G-d put us there for a reason and He is the only One who can take us out.

Rebbe Nachman, in Litkutei Moharan writes,

“The ultimate purpose is entirely good, for even all the trials, tribulations and troubles that befall a person, Heaven forbid, if he looks at the ultimate purpose, he will see that they are not bad at all, only big favors. They all come from G-d, blessed be He, in order to remind him to rectify something, to atone for a sin or to help him repent. G-d’s intent is entirely for the good. So, when a person looks at the ultimate purpose, in other words, G-d’s intent behind all of his suffering, he’ll see that everything is truly for the ultimate best. He’ll rejoice, for truly, there is no bad in the world, only good.”

Gather strength from this.

Understand that we don’t understand His awesome ways.

Go with simplicity.

Say ‘thank You.’

Although there are many sources, here is just one from the ‘Pele Yoetz, Rabbi Eliezer Papo. He writes that expressions of gratitude lead to salvation, giving people more and more reasons to express their gratitude. So, when we say ‘thank You, we see miracles.

We are surrounded with endless free gifts from G-d. We call them free gift because if G-d would look into each of us and see if we are worthy of them, we can be certain that the tables would be turned, and we would be indebted to Him.

In truth, we are indebted to G-d. He gives us mercilessly and is so kind to repeatedly give to us, no matter what we may have done in our past or present. No matter who we are, G-d is so kind to us. Filled with true unconditional love. When we stand before Him to ask for assistance, we have to recognize the fact that G-d owes us nothing. So, in order to receive this free gift, we need to do the least we can do – to show our appreciation for what He has given us.

When we express our gratitude to G-d for the free gifts He has given to us in the past, we stir His mercy to send us even more, knowing we will appreciate those too.

After doing so, we have opened up the gates in heaven and have enabled our prayers to go straight up. We can take advantage of this auspicious time and pray and ask for even more free gifts. Expressing our knowledge that G-d owes us nothing, but that we need this free gift.

G-d is the great psychologist, philanthropist, physician…the list is endless.

So turn to Him, He’s the top in the field!

And remember, even if the answer isn’t as we expected, it’s only because there was an even better outcome waiting!

No matter the times, place or circumstance – we can always thank G-d for the place we are in.

G-d is always with us, we just have to search for His hand. The easiest and quickest way to find it, is to thank Him for all that surrounds us. We are guaranteed to see G-d with us, right there, never having left our side!




*40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.*



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